Annual Maintenance: $125 KC-Res Inspections LLC., a Kansas City home inspection company, annual maintenance logo.

The Annual Maintenance is a review of your current home systems functionality and maintenance. This service will give you information on what is needed on your home to help you avoid costly repairs.

This Service Includes

  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Smoke Alarms (including battery change at your request)
  • Check of Vegetation Growth
  • Sump Pump Check
  • Addressing Your Questions and Concerns

Additional Costs:

$50 for every 500 ft. over the included

$20 for each additional utility; e.g. Furnace, A.C. Water Heater

$85 for Radon Test

$50 for Termite Inspection if not included with service

$25 for travel over an hour


Please plan on approximately 2-3 hours for the home inspection to be completed

Radon Testing takes 48 hours to complete. Drop off and pick up times will be scheduled with inspection.